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Welcome Hollister Shipmates

This is the first run of the new Hollister reunion group information e-mail, this mail is intended to bring information regarding the Hollister Reunion and it's members and families.

This E-Mail will not transmit jokes or Spam, nothing political or anything in poor taste. News about the Hollister Reunion, the ship, its crew and anything of vital interest to the shipmates is what you can expect. In short do not expect to see your in box flooded with stuff from us.

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Should you not wish to receive mail from the Reunion Group simply Do A Reply with Remove in the Subject Line and be sure to add your name and we will remove you from the Mailing list. We will still hope to see you in Branson this September for the 20th. annual Hollister Reunion.

Thank You for your Time

P.C. Rustigian MM2 / FER
Reunion Group Chaplin



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P.C. Rustigian
Hollister Chaplin