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2015 Reunion
USS Hollister (DD788)

Join the Holmes County, Ohio Reunion
Home of the world's largest Amish settlement.
September 22-27, 2015

At the Wallhouse Hotel, Walnut Creek, Ohio.
Includes an extra, optional, day for sight seeing.

For Reservations: Wallhouse Hotel, P.O. Box 206, Walnut Creek, Ohio, 44687. Phone 1-800-824-2013. http://www.wallhousehotel.com/

For any other info/questions: Contact Casey and Chris Orr by email at orrc3215@gmail.com or call 319-431-1581.

For more information upcoming US Navy Reunions and contact info,
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Any person who was attached to the destroyer, USS Hollister DD 788, for any length of time during the years which the ship was in service,1946 through 1979, is invited to participate in this gathering.

The Retired Enlisted Association:

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